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James Henry

As a United States Coast Guard Veteran, James served his country for seven years in Search and Rescue operations in New London, CT, and as a member of the D7 Tactical Law Enforcement Team based in Miami. This experience honed his ability to think quickly on his feet and adapt to unpredictable circumstances.

Following his military career, James transitioned into a distinguished role as a law enforcement officer, serving for 28 years. During this time, he held several key positions, including Hostage Negotiations Team Leader and Critical Incident Stress Management Team Leader. These roles allowed James to utilize his excellent communication and problem-solving skills to defuse tense situations and provide support to those in need.

James is actively involved in several organizations that align with his values and interests. He is a member of the American Legion, the NRA, and the USCCA, showcasing his commitment to his country, firearms education, and personal defense. Furthermore, his certifications as a Police Instructor in the State of Florida, a Community Emergency Response Team member, a National Organization for Victim Assistance Instructor, an Active Shooter Instructor, and an Incident Command System Instructor demonstrate his dedication to improving safety and preparedness in various contexts.

Personal Life

James is a devoted family man, engaged to Cheryl, and together they have raised two children each, all of whom are now adults.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Weatherly, nestled in the Pocono Mountains of North East Pennsylvania, James developed a love for the outdoors and embraced a range of hobbies.

He is an avid traveler, finding inspiration and new experiences in different cultures and landscapes. Additionally, he finds solace and challenge in shooting, reading, and writing, having even achieved the status of a published author.

Throughout his life, James has remained steadfast in his passions for God, family, helping others, instructing, and his love for firearms and boating. His extensive experience, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to service make James Henry a truly exceptional individual who continues to positively impact the lives of those around him.

Personal Life

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